Thursday, September 3, 2015

SproutBox = Family Fun & Learning!

What’s in SproutBox Each Month
AWANA has recently partnered with SproutBox; "to provide families with a tool which encourages the whole family to grow in biblical literacy and their relationships with God and each other." They asked me if I'd be willing to look at a box and try it out with my grandsons; it sounded like something my grandsons would enjoy, so I said I'd be delighted to do so.

Today I'm happy to share with you my review of SproutBox!

Published by - SproutBoxKids

Favorite Features -
  • Each month families receive a new box of "goodies" which engage children and provide opportunities for families to connect while learning about God and His Word.
  • Each box is packed with a lot of fun and learning!
  • Children are curious about the "surprises" found in the boxes.
  • The app allows the Bible event to, "come to life" and really keeps the attention of children.
  • The app lets children hear, see, experience a Bible event they may be familiar with in a new and different way.
  • Each activity in the box connects with the point for the box.
  • SproutBox is well designed and thought through
  • SproutBox is fun!
SproutBox Kids says; "SproutBox is a monthly box subscription designed to create unforgettable family-based Bible experiences with AR technology, interactive curriculum, and easy-to-follow parent guides to facilitate faith-shaping conversations with your children (ages 4-10). The mission of SproutBox is simple: to help parents and children engage God’s Word in new creative ways."

Each SproutBox includes . . .
  • A puzzle - more suited for the older children - which once it is assembled, you can then use your smart phone and the free app to watch as the Bible event comes to life! 
  • A Bible storybook with the event from the puzzle/app, so you can read it together. 
  • A lesson guide which will provide information and questions for families to work through together to learn more about the Bible event.
  • An experience (craft/activity) with all the supplies you will need. This fun craft gives your children some hands-on activity and connects everything your children have learned with the Bible event by reinforcing the Bible event.
AWANA gave me a SproutBox to try; so my grandsons, their poppa and I spent a couple days digging into the box. We spread the box's contents over two days (weeks). The first day the boys put the puzzle together. It was a more difficult puzzle than I anticipated and Caleb lost interest, but Josiah stuck with it and with a bit of help, he was able to complete it. All three boys loved the AR presentation of the Bible event when their poppa downloaded the app to his phone and then scanned the puzzle - they had to see it more than once!

We combined the storybook and lesson guide with the puzzle, but families could use the puzzle one week, the storybook another week and the activity a third week. They could then review it all a fourth week to make their SproutBox last a month.

The following week when the boys were at our house they painted the little flower pots, added water to the dirt disc and planted their flower seeds. As their flower pots dried, the boys drew their favorite thing God created on cards which were provided. Shane (just turned two) put lots of color on his card! Caleb (just turned four) drew fingers - he said they are his favorite thing, because he can wiggle them, hold things with them and build with them! His poppa called this, "thinking out of the box!" Josiah (about to turn seven) drew an atom! Yes, an atom! He said everything is made from atoms, so atoms are his favorite thing; because he likes everything God made! He never ceases to surprise and amaze me!

We talked about how we know God created the world and everything in it - Josiah says it is the only thing which makes sense! How could everything just, "happen"!!!

We enjoyed the SproutBox. I think parents/grandparents who are looking for something they can use with their children/grandchildren to pass on a heritage of faith will like how everything in the box works together to teach the theme for the month/box. Especially if they do not want to have a list of supplies which they have to gather, families will enjoy SproutBox - as long as the $25 a month cost ($35 a month after launch) is not too much for their budgets. 

You can get a "peek" at SproutBox by following this link and download their Creation Storybook for free!

SproutBox is a fun, engaging and effective way to equip parents/grandparents to pass on a heritage of faith to the children they love!

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