Friday, September 4, 2015

Today is "Another Look Day"!

Another Look Unlimited Day
What is "Another Look Day", you ask? Well, it is a day to stop and take another look at things you might throw away to see if there could be another use for the items or if they might be able to be given away to help someone else by donating them to a charity, giving them to friends or recycling them in some way. This is something which we should do every day . . . not just one day a year!

So, knowing it is "Another Look Day", I'm motivated to go through my closet and pull out the clothes I've been saying I should go through to find items which I can give to my local Mel Trotter thrift store. This is something which I will do with the boys when they are at my house again as we have no shortage of toys and books . . . many which are perfectly fine yet they do not play with them. We can box up some items together and then take them to the Mel Trotter store so they can be loved and played with by other children!

For any of you who do not know what a Mel Trotter store is - just check this link.  Here in West Michigan, Mel Trotter Ministries helps a lot of people - women, children and men, so I'm happy to donate gently used items which still have "life" in them to this ministry.

Do you have a ministry like Mel Trotter in your area? What organization might you give your gently used things to on Another Look Day - or any day?

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