Sunday, October 18, 2015

grandma's chuckles - Fall Leaves & a New Pillow!

Image result for image of Fall Sycamore Tree leavesFriday, when my grandsons arrived for their usual Friday sleepover, Caleb (four years old) found a pretty Fall leaf which he brought in the house and gave to me with a big smile . . . "This is for you, grandma!" Of course I hugged him and said it was very pretty!

At bedtime I had a surprise for the boys. We had purchased new pillows for their beds . . . they were pretty happy about getting brand, new pillows and chose the pillow cases they wanted for their pillows. They liked how soft and comfortable their new pillows felt when they laid down on them.

The next day, Caleb carried his pillow around . . . he pretended it was the "bin" of a recycle truck which he "transformed" into and back to "boy-mode", he jumped onto it . . . it made a really soft landing . . . and he settled comfortably into it when he watched a movie. Josiah also used his pillow in a chair to be, "more comfortable" as he watched the movie. I didn't think the pillows would be such a "hit", but the boys seemed to really like them!

Later in the day, since the leaf was a bit dry, Caleb noticed it was a bit torn and wanted to get me a new leaf, but we were working on making Apple Desserts, and could not go outside right then to get another leaf. 

When it was time to go home, Caleb got his socks and shoes on and grabbed his new pillow to take home with him. He told his mom; "This is a new pillow which Grandma gave to me!" What could I say, other than to tell him to be sure to bring it back with him on Friday, so he'll have a pillow at my house.

Then he ran outside - with the pillow . . . which was nearly as big as he is . . . and started running zig-zags around my yard! I was confused about this until I saw him finally stop, look down and with a big smile on his face, he picked up a large sycamore tree leaf. He ran back to the house as fast as he could holding the pillow and the leaf, which he gave to me with a big smile!

When the boys come over on Wednesday, I'm going to trace Caleb's hand on the leaf and then show them how to iron it between wax paper to keep it nice . . . we will have to find a couple more for Josiah and Shane to make ironed leaves, too!

All-in-all, this past weekend was a wonderful time of giving, receiving and enjoying gifts . . . simple gifts like Fall leaves and pillows! It was wonderful!

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