Sunday, October 11, 2015

grandma's chuckles - Surprising Grandma!

Image result for clipart for the word surpriseThis past Wednesday was my son and daughter-in-law's ninth anniversary, so yesterday when the boys were at my house, I had them make a gift for their parents. I gave them a natural wood picture frame, permanent ink markers and let them decorate however they liked. Josiah colored and drew hearts and then Caleb drew a heart and asked me how to spell, "mom". I wrote it for him on a piece of paper and then he wrote it himself on the frame! He did the same with "dad"! I was so surprised! I did not know Caleb knew how to write . . . he just turned four! 

When their mom arrived to pick the boys up, Josiah had her open the gift . . . she was surprised by how well Caleb was writing, too. She thinks it is something he is learning on his LeapPad - yes, LeapPad. Apparently along with playing games, children do actually really learn!

Then Josiah and I were looking at the new Faith Builders Bible I wrote about yesterday (I'm giving one away!). As he browsed through the illustrations, he surprised me with how much he knew about the Bible adventures . . . and delighted me with his knowledge, too!

So, yesterday, along with enjoying the opportunity to spend time with my sweet boys, I also enjoyed how they surprised me with the ways they are growing and learning!

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