Monday, October 12, 2015

Hang In There! They Are Likely Listening!

Okay, so you understand how important, how essential it is for you as a grandparent to focus on passing on a heritage of faith to your grandchildren and you are intentional about doing so. How can you tell if your prayers, conversations and planned activities are actually "clicking" with your grandchildren? If it is really "sinking in", so beyond answering specific questions, your grandchildren are really taking it to heart?

Please allow me to share with you a conversation I had with my seven-year old grandson just the other day! Zonderkidz sent me the Faith Builders Bible and Josiah was looking through it. One illustration showed the outside of the temple and Josiah noticed it showed "gold" cows. He said; "Those look like idols and God would not have wanted them in His temple." I was surprised he noticed this (I Kings 7 explains how it is not actually an idol, but the stand for a huge wash bowl) and we talked about how God wants us to love Him the most and not have any idols which take our time and attention.

We had talked about idols several months ago; apparently Josiah is listening to and remembering the conversations we have about how much God loves him and how he can love God back! I find this encouraging and today my heart is happy and thankful!

So, hang in there! Continue to be faithful about passing on a heritage of faith . . . our grandchildren are likely listening!

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