Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lay That Foundation!

Image result for clipart for lay the foundationWhile loving, spending time with and planning special times with our grandchildren are all important things for us to do as grandmas (and grandpas), the most important thing we can do is to pass on a heritage of faith. It is the thing which will last . . . and the thing if we do not do, which makes all the other things mean nothing.

Sometimes we may wonder if our prayers and words are making an impact; if our grandchildren are, "getting it". I have wondered these things, but then, God gives me the opportunity to see how my grandsons are, "getting it"!

Yesterday, while we were in the car driving to pick up Poppa, Josiah and I were talking about Hurricane Patrica (we are experiencing the tail-end of the storm by receiving particularly rainy days). We talked about how it was going to be the most humongous hurricane to ever hit land, but then people prayed and when it arrived, not one person was killed! I asked Josiah if he knew what happened to make the storm go from being the worst ever, to not so terribly horrible. He said, "God did it!" We talked more about how sometimes God answers our prayers the way we hope, and other times He does not. Josiah said those are the times when God, "has something else planned for us." 

My heart is so happy today to know all our conversations about how God answers our prayers and how we can trust Him are sinking in. They are laying a firm foundation for him as he grows up to know in those sad times, he can still know, "God has something else planned for him", and choose to trust God!

So, today, I want to encourage you to focus on passing on a heritage of faith - even if you can not see how your grandchildren are, "getting it". Keep praying. Keep sharing with them. Keep laying that foundation!

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