Monday, October 5, 2015

Special Christmas Giveaway on November 7, 2015 - Elwood Bigfoot!

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Do you think there is any possibility of there actually being such a creature . . . in real life?

I don't know if there is, or is not. I do know what the mountains in Northern California look like - as far as you can see there is nothing but, big, beautiful mountains after big, beautiful mountains! I'm sure there are places in those amazing mountains where no person has ever set foot, so who's to say what might be living back in those mountains???!!! It wasn't all that long ago when the world (except for those living in certain areas of Africa) saw the first gorilla. Until then, they were the thing of myths, legends and campfire stories!

I do know where we can find a truly enjoyable story about a Bigfoot named Elwood . . . and the struggles he experiences in making friends with birds! Sterling Children's Books invited me to review a new storybook and sent me one - I'm very happy to share with you my opinion of Elwood Bigfoot!

Elwood Bigfoot: Wanted: Birdie Friends!
Author - Jill Esbaum
Illustrator - Nate Wragg
Publisher - Sterling Children's Books
Ages - 4-7

Favorite Features -
  • Fun, friendly illustrations - children are going to love the look of this book!
  • Adorable story about a lonely Bigfoot who wants to make friends with birds, but he keeps scaring them away.
  • Encourages families to talk about what it takes to make friends.
Sterling Children's Books says; "Elwood Bigfoot is big, clumsy, LOUD . . . and lonely. It's hard for him to make friends—especially with the tiny, delicate birdies he loves so much. Each flash of their feathers, each chirp and cheerful song helps him feel less alone. But whenever a birdie swoops by, and Elwood hollers at it to STAY, the scared creature flies away. He tries everything: sitting on a branch, having a housewarming party, even building an amusement park with snacks and pools. But nothing helps—until Elwood finally learns how to make his bird dreams come true."

I love this book! Did I say, "love"??? I should have said, "LOVE!!!" this book! Elwood Bigfoot: Wanted: Birdie Friends! is my favorite new children's book this year - and I have read a number of new children's books, many of which I truly enjoyed! I love the illustrations, but I especially love how by autumn, "Elwood had forgotten what alone felt like." Did I mention how much I LOVE this book???!!!

I'm so very happy Sterling Children's Books not only sent me a copy of Elwood Bigfoot: Wanted: Birdie Friends! to review, but they are making another available for me to give away (USA only)! If you live in the USA, are over the age of 18 and would like to be included in this giveaway, which will be on November 7, 2015, please comment below to tell me if you think there could really be Bigfoots . . . I think it is possible; time will tell if they are very shy creatures which tend to live back in the Mountains, out of sight!

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