Saturday, November 28, 2015

Great Coffee - Great Gift - Great for Your Pantry & Great Buy!

Last night as I was heading to bed I noticed an email which told me it was, "not too late". What was it not too late for, you ask? For me to buy some Boca Java coffee at just $5 a bag! Well, I had to check it out, because I've had their coffee before and have always found it to be excellent - and delicious!

I'm happy to say, their coffee - all of it - was on sale for just $5 a bag - I ordered some of their Costa Rican Coffee, because it is my favorite and at $5 for 8oz it is a good buy!

This morning I discovered they have continued to offer many of their coffees (including my favorite) at $5 for the weekend . . . so if you are looking for a great gift - or just need some coffee for yourself, check this link!

I'm extremely happy to say, Boca Java makes sure their coffee is grown, harvested and sold in ways which benefit the workers and their community - this is very important to me.

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