Sunday, November 8, 2015

It's November - I'm Ever So Thankful For - My Brothers!

Image result for clipart for brothersToday, November 8th, I'm thankful for my brothers! I have three younger brothers - I have wonderful memories of growing up with them . . . Larry was not quite two years younger than me, so I remember spending a lot of time with him growing up. Art is almost six years younger than me - I remember pushing his baby carriage around the neighborhood to take him for walks when he was a baby . . . he became much more interesting as he got older! And then my youngest brother, Lee, he was born when I was 15 . . . he was the cute baby, cute little brother and is now taller than me! I love my three brothers with all my heart and so, yes, today, I'm ever so thankful for my brothers!

When I talk with my grandsons about how I'm thankful for their grand-uncles, I'll remind them how their brothers are gifts from God and are to be cherished. I'll tell them again how, while it may not feel like it, time really does pass by so quickly and in the time they have, they will never regret what they do to know, love and help each other.

What are you thankful for today?

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