Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pass on a Real Faith Which Impacts Others

Last night my son and one of my grandsons stopped by my house - my son was helping my daughter with her car (he is a master mechanic!) and he and Caleb were having a "bud-day". When he was little, he and his dad would have, "bud-days" from time to time . . . a time when just the two of them would go and do something together. My husband was usually pretty good about spending time with just Dave and just Tiff (dad & daughter day), but if we went too long between the kid's special time with just them and their dad, I could always tell - the kids would get a bit "fussy" and "cranky". However; time with their dad always put everything back in "balance" once again!

At any rate, Dave stopped by for a few minutes to help Tiffany and Caleb came in to visit with me! While we talked I let him know about an email I received from his mid-week club teacher. His class has been packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child and the teacher sent out an email to let the children know they could still use a few small toys for boys. I asked Caleb if he wanted us to stop by the store Wednesday when I pick him up from school to buy something for the boy, somewhere in the world, who will get the box he is working on. I'm so happy to say he was very quick to say he wanted to get something special to put in the box! He was sad to think there are children around the world who do not have the blessings he has of family, toys, clothes, home, food . . . plenty of plenty, and was very quick to want to do something to help a boy somewhere in the world who receives his box.

I read a study yesterday which said children who are brought up with faith are less giving than those who are brought up with no belief in God. If this study is accurate, then along with passing on a heritage of faith, we have to be more focused on helping the children we love understand a real faith impacts their lives and causes them to have tender hearts towards those in need. A real faith is one which blesses others. A real faith wants to help those who need our help.

I'm so happy and thankful to see little Caleb (four years old) is growing and showing a real faith!

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