Thursday, December 17, 2015

A New Tradition - Gingerbread House

We have a new, "tradition" with our three, sweet boys. Last year, and now this year, we got a Gingerbread House kit and helped the boys assemble their house. This year Caleb picked the house kit he wanted at the store, then we took it to his house, so he and his brothers could build and decorate it.

Little Shane (two years old) fell soundly asleep in the house, but Caleb and Josiah were happy to eat candy, apply frosting, eat candy, add candy, eat candy . . . did I mention they enjoyed eating the candy???!!!

When they were finished, Caleb stood back and said; "This is the BEST house ever!!! It is WONDERFUL!!!" I told him his house might fall apart by morning, but this would be okay, because then he could eat it. He said; "Best idea EVER, grandma!!!"

The candies are really, "self-destruct buttons" - according to Caleb . . . can you tell he is a four-year-old boy? Apparently they, "work" because it, "destructed" when we tried to move it to the counter . . . which is apparently okay, because now the boys will be able to eat it!

We had so much fun building and decorating the gingerbread house and the boys say they want to do it again next year!

What traditions do you have with your grandchildren at Christmas?

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