Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Week of Fun Christmas Crafts - Really Cool Nativity Ornament!

Today is the last day in my week of Christmas crafts, so today I want to share an ornament I found on Pinterest which is one your grandchildren will LOVE! "Find-It's" have become very popular . . . so with this ornament, your grandchildren can make their own Nativity Find-It Ornament!

Just follow the link for the details on how to make this ornament and the supplies which you will need. Since buying enough nativity figures could be expensive - and difficult to find ones which are small enough - consider having your grandchildren make their own using "shrinky film".

I love this idea - it is one I'll do with my grandsons - maybe this year!

(Just for fun, you could have your grandchildren make a "Melted Snowman Ornament" . . . you'll find the info for this fun ornament at this link! My grandsons made this two years ago and loved it!)

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