Monday, December 21, 2015

Absolute Joy!

Image result for clipart for joyThis weekend my grandsons were at my house and we were talking about why Jesus came and how when we ask Him for forgiveness, He answers and forgives us! Caleb (four years old) said; "I did this!" 

Josiah, the older brother (seven years old), said; "What did you do, Caleb?" Caleb said, "I asked Jesus to forgive me." Josiah said; "So, you asked Jesus to forgive you for your sins?" Caleb answered; "Yes." To which Josiah said; "Good! Then now you will be able to go to Heaven one day!"

This grandma enjoyed listening to these two, sweet boys talk about being forgiven and yes, I feel absolute joy! There is nothing more important, or better, than knowing my grandsons have made the choice to follow God! 

Yes, as, "grandma", I have many, "jobs" . . . hugger (I hug my three, sweet, boys every time I see them . . . I am grandma!), snuggler (I'm always available for a snuggle . . . again, I am grandma!), surpriser (from time-to-time I surprise my three, sweet, boys - most often with something simple - their favorite cookies, a fun science project, etc.). While these, and other, "jobs" are important for me to do as grandma, the most important is for me to pass on my faith. This means I pray, I talk with my grandsons, I pray, I share God's Word with my grandsons, I pray, I take my grandsons to church with me, I pray, I build on what their parents do with them, I pray.

The reason these are my most important, "jobs", is because seeing my grandsons come to know, love and follow God matters the most to me. There is nothing more important, so anything I can do to be used of God to draw them to Him, I will absolutely do.

Being able to see and hear how my grandsons are making these choices fills me with absolute joy!

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