Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Candy!!!" "Chocolate!!!"

Image result for images of Christmas chocolate kissesYesterday my grandson, Shane (two years old) was at my house and wanted to help me make cookies. Since I planned to make Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies, I sat him on the counter in front of me and showed him how to unwrap Hershey Kisses, which my plan was, to then put in a bowl, so they would be ready to put in the cookies when they came out of the oven. This was my plan, but apparently not Shane's plan!

He sat there and as soon as he saw the Hershey kisses he said; "Candy!!!" He happily unwrapped a kiss, said; "Chocolate!!!" and then into his mouth the candy went! I smiled and gave him another one to open, because typically - and surprisingly - Shane only eats one or two pieces of candy and then decides he has had enough . . . yes, I know this is shocking and difficult to believe, but it is typically the way he behaves with candy. "Typically", but not always!

He opened the second candy and, into his mouth it went! I handed him another one to open, thinking since he ate two, he was probably ready to help unwrap the rest for the cookies. "Probably" does not always mean "always". He unwrapped the third candy and once again, it went into his mouth!

He had such a big smile on his little face and then he did something completely rascally . . . he reached into the bowl where I had been placing the candies as I unwrapped them and grapped two more! The sweet, little, rascal!!!

He wanted down from the counter and ran off - very happily - enjoying his chocolate kisses!

I unwrapped the rest and baked a double batch of cookies . . . but the best part of the morning was watching this sweet little boy enjoy the chocolate kisses!

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