Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Cards & Prayers

As I mentioned the other day, my grandsons helped me make my Christmas cards this year. Saturday, when they were at my house, we sat down and each of them; including two year old Shane, helped make the cards . . . Shane and Caleb (four years old) "colored" the backgrounds and Josiah (seven years old) helped draw the designs.

My cards are perfect! No, they are not designed or created by people who are paid for their designs and art, and yes, there is what could legitimately be called, "scribbling" on the front of the cards; but these cards were made with love by three sweet boys . . . they are the best cards I've ever been able to send out for Christmas!

We used three designs: each has a colored background, a star and manger with Jesus and then either a Christmas tree, sheep or snowman (I'll post photos of it in a couple days). The inside has a couple verses and "Merry Christmas" and then on the back I wrote a little to let those who receive them know their card was made by three sweet boys and they were prayed for as well.

Yes, the thing which makes these cards even better, is on Sunday my grandsons and I talked about how amazing and wonderful it is God wants us to talk with Him and then we spent time praying for the people who will receive the cards we made. The boys prayed the people who receive the cards will experience a joy-filled year and will grow and walk closer with God in the coming year.

What could possibly be better???

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