Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Guardian "Angels" & I Am Ever So Thankful!

My son, daughter-in-law and grandsons live in a nice
neighborhood. They have nice neighbors and nice little homes - the houses were probably built in the '50's, but are all kept up nicely. 

They also have a dog . . . a lovely blue/grey pit named Gimli.

I tell you all this because I want to say how tremendously thankful I am for how God protected them. The other night, in the middle of the night, Gimli ran to their door barking and growling with extreme "focus". There were men on the other side of the door who were trying to pick the lock. Needless to say, they left when they heard what sounded like a huge, fearsome dog on the other side of the door. (Other homes in this nice neighborhood were broken into the same night.)

Now, I know there are no verses in the Bible which say God created dogs to be special gifts; but I believe with all my heart they are a special gift from God. I believe they are guardian angels - especially in the case of sweet Gimli . . . who will lay on the floor and let "his" three boys - my grandsons - actually climb on him, walk on him and wrestle with him - all without a grumble or growl. He is patient and gentle with my grandsons. 

So, if you ever wondered what a guardian angel looks like . . . the photo on this post shows you the answer. (I also put one of Gimli when he was a puppy and with the boys playing with him.) At least in the case of Gimli - a guardian angel has four legs, is a blue/grey color and has two warm, brown eyes!

I am ever so thankful for how God protected my family . . . and yes, Gimli is receiving a nice Christmas gift from poppa and grandma this year for sure! 

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