Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Making Christmas Cards & Living Our Faith!

Image result for clipart of art suppliesFor the past couple years I have ordered Christmas cards which have photos of my family on them, but this past year we did not take a family photo, so this year I thought it would be fun to buy some blank cards, glitter markers, glitter crayons and metallic markers and colored pencils, then have my grandsons help me make cards.

This weekend we will be making cards - we have a couple designs which are simple . . . even little Shane (two years old) will be able to have a part in decorating/drawing the cards!

As we make and address the cards, I am going to have my grandsons pray with me for the people who will receive the cards. I want my grandsons to learn to be people who are quick to pray for others and who are able to take even simple, everyday activities - like sending Christmas cards - or any card - to someone, as an opportunity to remember to pray for others. I want them to know their faith is something which does not remain inside the walls of the church. No! It is something which is taken out the doors of the church and lived in their everyday lives! Something which is real! Something which takes every day opportunities - like sending cards - to show it is real!

I'll post photos of the finished cards next week . . . I think they will be some of the best cards I've ever sent to people, because, not only will my grandsons help make them, but those who receive the cards will be receiving something far more valuable . . . the prayers of three, sweet boys!

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