Monday, December 28, 2015

Thankful or Wantful??? Top Five Blessings for which I'm Most Thankful!

Image result for clipart for top fiveYesterday I wrote about my Top Five Reasons for Being There (you'll find it at this link), so today I want to talk a little about being thankful and then share my Top Five Blessings for which I'm Most Thankful.

We have been thinking and talking in the past couple months about being thankful and how we can help our grandchildren learn to be truly thankful people. But, I wonder, how thankful are we? Are we really thankful, or do we have to have more clothes, a new car every year or other year, a bigger, newer house, new gadgets, new phones, new tech, more vacations, more time golfing . . . the list can - and often does - go on and on.

Are we truly thankful . . . or are we actually "wantful"?

And, what is it we, "want"? Do we actually want the things mentioned above, or do we want things which really matter; such as, time with our families, being able to see our children/grandchildren grow to love, know and walk with God, becoming people who are serious about prayer, being a truly generous person . . . again, this list can go on and on as well.

In this day and age it is all too easy to turn our attention upon ourselves as we get older and retire. It is all too easy to adopt the "me-attitude" of our world and care more about experiencing and enjoying a life of ease and comfort. If this is what we do, we will pay a huge price for it . . . and I'm not talking about the dollars we will spend to do this . . . although there will be many dollars spent to have this type of retirement life.

The true cost will be in what really matters, as we may find ourselves lose our ability to influence our grandchildren and pass on a heritage of faith. Like I said, we may lose what really matters.

We need to be the grandparents who understand what really matters, who are truly thankful for the blessings which are most valuable and who are serious about living the life God gives to our dying breath - not "retiring" from it all to live for ourselves in our final years.

So, I want to share with you my Top Five Blessings for which I'm Most Thankful . . . 
  1. God's love and grace.
  2. The family God has blessed me with - my children, daughter-in-law, grandchildren, parents, siblings, extended family - God has blessed me with a family and I'm so thankful!
  3. The opportunities I have to spend time with my grandchildren. Since they live close, I am able to see them and spend time with them every week - this is a blessing and I'm so thankful!
  4. The opportunity I have to pass my faith on to my grandchildren. My heart is so happy when I'm able to hear and see how my grandsons understand God's Word and are making the choice to believe and obey!
  5. How I have been able to see as God answers my prayers - especially prayers for my children, grandchildren and the rest of the family!
These are the blessings for which I'm most thankful . . . and you may notice they are not things I can "buy" in a store.

We need to look at where we spend the most time and money and then see what we are actually most thankful for . . . or if we are just more "wantful". We need to keep our focus on what truly matters the most and be thankful for those blessings . . . they are what really counts!

What are the blessings for which you are most thankful?

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