Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Year to Grow!

Do you have any plans this year to help your grandchildren learn something? To help them develop and grow their heart for others? To help them learn to know, love and grow closer to God?

I do. In 2016 I want to help my grandsons grow their tender hearts. I want to help them learn to be sensitive to the leading of God when it comes to showing love and care for and to others. And I have a plan to do this.

Typically, throughout the year, there are times when this grandma "celebrates" my grandsons . . . Valentine's Day, Easter, Children's Day, their birthdays and, of course Christmas. Some of these times are bigger celebrations than others . . . Children's Day, their birthdays and Christmas, but regardless of the size of the "celebration", I want to help my grandsons learn to give to others by helping them choose, not just a gift for themselves, but one for someone else as well. For example, for their birthday they may choose a video game or legos and also choose as a gift for themselves, bunnies for a family in need through the WorldHelp Gift Catalog. For Children's Day they might choose a trip to the zoo and then the gift of clean water for those in need (again through WorldHelp).

While there is nothing wrong with a seven-year old, four-year old and two-year old to want gifts for themselves on their special days throughout the year, I want to help my grandsons learn to think of and give to others as well. I want them to experience the joy of giving their "gifts" to others and I think this will be one way we can do this.

What are your plans for your grandchildren in 2016?

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