Saturday, January 2, 2016

Answered Prayer!

Last week I wrote about what a guardian angel looks like . . . at least in the case of sweet Gimli, my grandsons' dog. Well, over Christmas Gimli was given some cooked beef bones; which, since he is an aggressive chewer, he consumed quickly and in their entirety. A couple days later he began vomiting blood and was rushed to the vet.

He ended up spending the night and following day at the vets and returned home. He will never be given any bones ever again. Apparently, dogs can not really tolerate bones. They can splinter (not just chicken, but all bones) and slice their insides, so they bleed to death. Word or warning . . . do not give your dogs real bones. It can be deadly.

Yesterday, the boys and I were talking about what we are thankful for from 2015 and they agreed they are so thankful for how God answered their prayers for their dog and let Gimli live! Then little Caleb (four years old), bowed his had, folded his hands and prayed; "Dear God, thank You for letting Gimli live!"

Many prayers were said for sweet Gimli and in this case, God answered and we are all very thankful . . . especially three boys ages seven, four and two! I'm so glad the boys are able to see how God does hear and answer their prayers!

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