Thursday, January 28, 2016

grandma's challenge - "I Love You!"

Here on grandma's cookie jar, you will find resources, ideas and activities to help you pass on a heritage of faith to your grandchildren. These are presented at times with book/item reviews, crafts, recipes, ideas of things to do with your grandchildren and just opportunities to build memories and your relationship with your grandchildren. So, I thought it would be fun - and fit in very well with the purpose of grandma's cookie jar - to give a monthly "challenge"; something specific for us to focus on in the coming month to pass on our faith and build our relationship with our grandchildren.

Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away and is a time when we particularly think about the ones we love - and a time when we take time to tell and show them they are loved. I'm all for Valentine's Day expressions of love, but I'd like to challenge you to take time each day of the year to tell and show your family and friends they are loved!

So, it seems to me a great way to begin our "grandma's challenge" would be with a challenge to remember to speak and show our love to others! Yes, the people we love may know we love them, but it is very important for us to be intentional about taking the time to speak and show our love - not just assume it is known.

So, for the coming month, I'd like to challenge you to greet the people you love each day with a hug and an, "I love you!" What could be a better way for them - and for you - to start a day? :-)

Each month for the coming year, I'll share another, "grandma's challenge" with you. If you have an idea for a "challenge", please comment below!

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