Saturday, January 16, 2016


I've been in Chicago area for the past three days working with an amazing group of people to launch a new ministry which will help churches engage, equip and encourage the grandparents in their churches. I'll tell you all about the Legacy Coalition tomorrow, but today I want to tell about why I am so very happy today.

With being gone for three days, I ended up not seeing my grandsons on Wednesday. By the time I got home Friday night - it was almost midnight, so we planned for my daughter-in-law, Jackie, to drop the boys off on her way to work this morning for a sleep-over. I was soooo happy to see my three, sweet rascal grandsons - I had not been able to see them for a week and I missed them.

Hugs have been given . . . and more hugs! In fact, as I write this, Caleb is sitting with his arms around me and Josiah is snuggled next to him. My boys must have missed me, too!

We just finished breakfast - I made homemade butter, flaky, cinnamon biscuits and gave the boys their own little bowls of icing, so they could add as much as they liked - and they liked a lot!

I am so happy, thankful and overjoyed to be blessed with these three, sweet boys - they are gifts from the hand of God and I am so very thankful!

(While in Chicago, the Legacy Coalition had photos taken of each of us on the team - the photographers talked to me about my three, sweet rascals and I smiled! - How could I not?)

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