Friday, January 8, 2016

just for fun - It is Joy Germ Day!

Yes, today is Joy "Germ" Day! What could, "Joy Germ Day" possibly be, you ask? Well . . . I found it on-line at daysoftheyear and they said'; "Seldom does the word ‘germ’ mean anything remotely positive. The very sound of the word makes your nose curl up in disgust – you really don’t want to be catching any germs! You recoil in horror as your friend says, 'Don’t come too close; I’ve got a cold.' There is one sort of germ you might not be too worried about catching, however: A Joy Germ! A Joy Germ is a little germ of joy which is spread by smiling at people, making people laugh, and generally spreading happiness everywhere you go. Imagine a day where everyone is smiling, laughing and spreading happiness – that’s Joy Germ DayIt’s very easy to participate. The first step is to park your cynicism at home. The second step is to go out into the world. The third step is up to you – just feel the joy, and spread it around!"

Sounds like a day I'd love to celebrate every day of the year! So, let's be, "germ spreaders"! Joy Germ spreaders and smile, make people laugh and spread the happiness everywhere we go today . . . and every day! Be contagious!

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