Friday, January 29, 2016

just for fun - It's Puzzle Day! Make Your Own!

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Yes, today is Puzzle Day . . . which seems to me like the perfect opportunity to make memories and have a lot of fun with grandchildren! While you could certainly pull out boxed puzzles and spend time putting them together with your grandchildren, I think it would be great fun to work with them to make your own puzzles! Consider the following possibilities . . . 
  • Grab a camera and have your grandchildren make silly faces, think of unique poses (think of the game Twister for "inspiration"!) or go on a walk outside and take some nature photos. You might surprise your grandchildren with an old photo of you when you were a child and make a photo copy of it . . . this could be a fun puzzle for them to assemble!
  • Print out your photos.
  • Glue to cardstock - or use cereal boxes to give your puzzle stability and strength.
  • On the back, draw your puzzle - larger, fewer pieces for younger grandchildren and smaller, many pieces for older grandchildren.
  • Cut your puzzle out.
  • Mix the pieces and have fun assembling!
For extra fun, have your grandchildren choose a Bible verse they have learned, or are learning and write it on the back of your puzzle before you cut it out. Let your grandchildren add an illustration or decorate as they like and then you can put your puzzle together two ways - by the photo or by the verse!

Make extras and share with a local Women's and Children's shelter (You may want to use photos of nature for this and choose verses which will encourage.)

Enjoy Puzzle Day with your grandchildren!

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