Sunday, January 24, 2016

just for fun - Talk Like a Grizzled Prospector Day & Belly Laugh Day!

Since it has been awhile since I shared a "silly holiday" with you, I thought I'd take a look and see if there were any fun, silly holidays we could celebrate today! The answer is, "Yes!" And, even better than one, there are two which actually fit together quite nicely!

First, there is, "Talk like a Grizzled Prospector Day". Now, the 19th of September, each year, happens to be, "Talk like a Pirate Day" - I remember this, because the 19th is also one of my grandson's birthday and each year his entire family dresses like pirates and visits the local Krispy Kreme . . . and walks away with a "booty" of a dozen donuts which they receive for free for dressing and talking like pirates! I love it because not only is it fun, but I always get a great photo of them each year!

So, for "Talk like a Grizzled Prospector Day", while, at least so far, there are not any free donuts available for you to "discover", I did find a link online for how you can talk like a grizzled prospector! Here are a few prospector-type words and their definitions . . . and you'll find the complete list at this link.

Prospector Talk for Beginners
Get yerself ready for the big day by pickin' up some genuine Prospector Talk.
  • Hornswaggler - A dirty, thieving swindler.
  • Bushwhacker - One of the roughest, toughest outlaws around who just waits fer ya to pass by so's they can jump on ya
  • Dadgum - What you say when you're mighty annoyed at sumphtin or someone. Makes a right nice change from Dagnabbit and Goldurn.
  • Confounded - What ya say when things just don't make no sense. Also comes in handy when you stub your toe.
  • Varmint - a small animal or a person you don't care for very much.
  • Sidewinder - The kind of low down snake that will come on all nice like just so's he can jump your claim.
Lots of fun, for sure!

The second, "silly holiday" for today is, "Belly Laugh Day" . . . which, if your grandchildren are trying to talk like a grizzled prospector, you are sure to experience a good belly laugh or two . . . so it made sense to share them both with you!

My grandsons - all three of them, fully understand what it means to have a good, belly laugh! This, "holiday" is described as:
Belly Laugh Day is a day for having a good chuckle at anything at all. Did you know laughter has been know to causes the tissue lining our blood vessels to expand increase blood flow? This in turn makes you feel more positive, boosts your immune systems and generally just makes us feel happier! Even just looking forward to something in advance has similar positive effects as the act itself! It reduces stress and increases chemicals which help relaxation. Let’s get people laughing anywhere and everywhere!
And, if you have your grandchildren talking like grizzled prospectors, you are sure to get people around you laughing . . . and improving their health!

So, enjoy the day and a good belly laugh . . . or two!

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