Saturday, January 23, 2016

More Thoughts About a Grandma's "Role"!

Yesterday I posted about a grandma's "role", so today I thought I'd comment about a few of the points in that post! 

The author of the article I quoted in my post said, being a grandparent is a blessing and grandchildren can restore our youth . . . I most certainly agree! I LOVE my grandsons and the time I spend with them, while it may leave me physically tired, it restores my spirit; and as the author of the article wrote, "It is one of the most rewarding forms of fatigue you will ever know."

I also agree one of a grandparent's primary "roles" is to be a "model of faith and conviction" as we "talk about God with our grandchildren" and connect Him to the world around them! This is why when I write reviews of books and movies or share recipes and crafts I try to include ideas for how to connect these things to our grandchildren and their everyday lives! There is nothing more important to me than to see my grandsons grow to be young men who know, love and walk with God every day in their everyday lives!

While it didn't seem like it at the time, the years while my children were young, flew by! Children do grow up so fast! As a grandma I know this will be the case with my grandsons, too. They are little for just a few, short years. This is why it matters so very, very much what happens while they are little. This foundation of faith is essential and nothing else in life is as important as spending time with them, praying for them and encouraging them to know, love and walk with God every day of their everyday lives! There is time to do other things later!

So, as your grandchildren grow up take every opportunity you are given to model faith, talk about God and connect your grandchildren with God! This is the message of the Legacy Coalition - if you would like to know more about it, email me at -

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