Saturday, January 9, 2016

That Which Was Lost Has Been Found & Remembering

Thanksgiving Day, after our meal, my grandsons helped decorate our Christmas Tree. They did a wonderful job, and while, yes, it looked like a two-year old, four-year old and a seven year old decorated the tree (they did), it was perfect! They had so much fun putting all the ornaments on the tree!

Years ago I crocheted a Nativity set with crochet cotton to put in my tree. This year little Shane (two years old) found the camel as we were taking ornaments out of the box to put on the tree. He smiled and said, "Moooo!" I told him it was a camel, not a cow and I was not really sure what a camel said, then was distracted and lost track of what Shane did with the camel. 

Later as we enjoyed the decorated tree with the twinkling lights, I noticed the camel was missing. It seemed to be nowhere to be found. Being only two, Shane did not have much, "light" to shed on the subject as to where the camel could be found.

A couple days ago we took the tree down and yes, the missing camel was found! Apparently, Shane had placed the camel way, way, way back on the back side of the tree.

I'm happy the camel has been found, and I'm enjoying the reminder of how much fun it was for the boys to decorate the tree this year! As the New Year begins, it is nice to be able to enjoy such wonderful memories . . . truly gifts from God. This reminds me of Psalms 78, because remembering and passing on is what Psalms 78 is talking about. It says the people of Israel forgot God. They did not remember, the older generations did not pass on the memories of how God showed Himself to be faithful and the younger generations forgot and did not know God.

It matters if we remember . . . fun family memories and more importantly, the truth about God. It matters if we pass on a heritage of faith. If we want our grandchildren to remember and know God, then we have to be focused on sharing those memories; sharing God's Word, so they will know, love and walk with God.

This year be focused on remembering and sharing how God has shown Himself to be faithful to you. Share God's blessings - big and small. And most importantly, share God's Word, so your grandchildren will grow in their love for God and come to know and walk with Him!

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