Monday, February 22, 2016

grandma's bookshelf - Little Love Letters from God - I'm Giving One Away!

A little over a year ago I shared a review of a book written by a friend - "Love Letters from God". I said, "I love the unique feature of the "love letters" from God to children; it makes this book, "personal". While there is no shortage of Bible storybooks on the market, Love Letters from God is truly unlike any other I've ever reviewed! God's Word is personal; truly God's love letter to us, but this is difficult for a Bible storybook to communicate to children; until Glenys' book! With the short, simple presentation of key Bible Adventures, Love Letters from God not only helps children learn these Bible accounts, but helps them understand how they are far, far more than "stories"; they truly are God's letters filled with love to them from Him!"

Recently Glenys let me know about her new book, Little Love Letters from God, and I am very happy for the opportunity to share it with you.

Little Love Letters from God
Author - Glenys Nellist
Illustrator - Sophie Allsopp
Publisher - Zonderkidz
Ages - Preschool and up

Favorite Features - 
  • Sturdy board book - will hold up to little hands!
  • Lift the flap - adds to the fun!
  • Eight simple Bible accounts, presented in a fun, rhyming way.
  • Each account has, "God's Wonderful Words to You" - a verse which "fits" with the account.
  • Each account includes the Scripture passage where you will find it in God's Word.
  • You can personalize each "letter" with your grandchild's/child's name
  • Colorful illustrations will engage children
Zonderkidz says; "What child does not love to receive mail? What if a child could receive, open and read his or her own personal mail from God? The Little Love Letters from God board book will invite them to do just this! Accompanying each of the eight rhyming stories in this unique children's Bible is a very special and encouraging letter tucked away in its own lift-the-flap envelope. With a padded cover for little hands, Little Love Letters from God introduces children to God's Word with eight of the most popular Bible accounts--including creation, Noah's ark, the birth of Jesus and more. Following each event, the child will find his or her own letter from God. Children will love the excitement of opening the letters and parents/grandparents will love how each letter elaborates on the Bible event being told. A very special Bible verse, entitled, 'God's Wonderful Words To You' will accompany each event and letter. Much more than a mere memory verse, each carefully chosen promise will be God's very own personal words of love, encouragement, and hope. Little Love Letters from God is the second book in the popular Love Letters series."

I love how Little Love Letters from God builds on the uniqueness of Love Letters from God, but with a format for younger children. The sturdy board book will allow young children to "read" this book . . . and their love letters from God, over and over again! Glenys, once again, managed to take Bible events and condense them to short, simple accounts which little ones will understand. Combined with the "Little Love Letter from God", where the point is emphasized - again in a way little ones will understand, this is a book grandparents/parents will be able to use and talk about with their young grandchildren/children! Look at how she does this with, "The Stone That Struck the Giant" . . . "Goliath, the giant, was trong and tall. David, the boy, was quiet and small. 'I'll squash you flat!' Goliath cried. But God was right by David's side . . ." Then the "Little Love Letter from God" says; "Dear _____, I am bigger and stronger than anything you might be scared of. Your Big, strong Friend, God" Can you see why I love this series?!

I'm very happy to say, not only did Zonderkidz send me one copy of Little Love Letters from God to review, but they are making another available for me to give away! (USA only) If you are over the age of 18, live in the USA, and would like to be in the drawing for one Little Love Letters from God, which will be on March 7, 2016, please comment below to tell me about an Bible adventure which you would love to see included in a future edition of the Love Letters books . . . I love the account of Jehoshaphat, but think Caleb would be a lot of fun, too!

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  1. The story of Zacchaeus. I can still remember the song about his encounter with Jesus that I learned when I was a little girl!

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  3. I would love to see Paul's shipwreck. I follow on Facebook and email.

  4. I'd love to share this book with my granddaughter. I love the story of Esther. She took a great risk for her people and was obedient to God. I follow this blog on Feedly.

  5. Thank you so much Lynda, for the great review!