Thursday, February 4, 2016

grandma's chuckles - "My Teacher Says I Talk Too Much!"

There are many things I love about being grandma . . . I love the greetings I receive when my grandchildren arrive at my home, or I show up wherever they are . . . "It's grandma!!!!" (Followed by running and the giving and receiving of hugs!!!) I love the way my heart is filled with joy whenever I think about and spend time with my grandsons! I love the opportunities I have to talk with my grandsons about God and His Word and then hearing how they "get it"! 

Yes, there are many things I love about being grandma, but one is definitely being able to hear when these three, sweet boys say something which leaves me laughing for days! 

Last night, as we were driving to church, I asked Josiah about his report card (he just received a report card a couple days earlier). He told me; "My teacher says I talk too much, but I have a lot of friends!" This made his poppa and I laugh, a lot, because he never is at a loss for something to talk about! We totally believe his teacher might think he talks too much! I also find it funny how he thought it was important to explain his, "talking too much" . . . because he has a lot of friends!

It will definitely be a challenge for this extremely sweet and completely not shy boy to reign in his talking!

And, before I share the following, I'm posting a, "grandma brag alert" . . . his report card noted he is reading at mid-third grade level (Josiah is in second grade) and he is very good at math (not a surprise at all)! 

So, this grandma is happy my grandson is doing well in school when it comes to the academics, and his own confidence - as I said, he is not shy at all! I'm truly looking forward to seeing what God has in store for this boy (and his brothers as they are not shy at all either - and are quite the talkers, so it won't surprise me if their report cards say the same thing as they get old enough to go to school). 

I'm glad to know Josiah is doing well at school, but more importantly, he "gets it" when it comes to God's Word. We have had some pretty amazing conversations lately about what it means in James 2 when it talks about our faith being shown by the way we live. He is a thinker and logic appeals to him - I'm so glad he is able to see the logic in God's Word . . . how it, "makes sense", and it is my prayer as he grows up, he will continue to grow in his understanding of God's Word . . . and who knows???!!! Maybe he will be someone who shares God's Word with others . . . he certainly has no problem with talking . . . a lot!!!

Yes, I'm laughing and have a very thankful heart as I look forward to what God has in store for my sweet Josiah!

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