Sunday, February 7, 2016

grandma's chuckles - Show Love to Grandma Day & Important Conversations

Apparently at this house yesterday was; "Show Love to Grandma Day!" as all three boys sat down at the table and started drawing hearts and flowers to make pictures for me, to say, "I love you!" Even little Shane (two years old) wanted to get in on it all . . . he had me draw the flowers, then he colored them!

Caleb (four years old) asked me to show him how to draw flowers, then he drew a bunch and colored them with a sparkly purple pencil . . . because "girls" like sparkly purple! Josiah (seven years old) drew angels, hearts and flowers on his picture and signed his drawing with; "Love, Josiah" at the top of his drawing. Then Josiah put his drawing on the refrigerator - where we also put Shane's drawing and Caleb said he wanted his drawing to go in my Bible, so I will see it all week! I love being grandma to these three sweet boys!

Hugs, kisses and, "I love you" were abundant, and this grandma has a very happy heart!

I love my grandsons; they are such amazing gifts from the hand of God and I am ever so thankful for them!

Yes, all of this is part of the joy of being a grandma - and I love this part for sure; but it just serves to remind me of why it matters so much for me to pass faith on to my three, sweet rascals. I love these boys, so why wouldn't I want to pass faith to them? I want them to grow to be children, then teens, and then adults who know, love, and follow God, so why wouldn't I want to pass faith to them?

This is why I'm focused on having important conversations with my grandsons. While this may seem difficult to do, I'm finding it is not really so difficult. For example; when they argue with their brothers or do not obey (yes, as sweet as they are, they do on occasion disobey and argue with their brothers), the boys end up having to, "write sentences". They really dislike having to write sentences, but I love it, because writing sentences gets the boys to focus on and think about, not just what they did, but what they might do differently the next time. 

When they have to write sentences, I sit down with them and we talk about what the sentence should be. I want it to be something positive . . . for example, rather than say, "I won't argue", or "I won't disobey", they end up having to write, "I will obey" for Caleb (he is just four) or, "I will obey with a soft voice" for Josiah (he is older, so a longer sentence is appropriate). Then, depending on how old they are, they have to copy their sentence that many times (four times for Caleb and seven for Josiah). 

Caleb is still learning how to write, so I write his sentences four times and he traces over them four times. Josiah has to write the sentences out seven times, but while he is an excellent reader, he dislikes writing and seven seems like 700! While they write, we talk about what they did, what they could do differently the next time and then pray together. I also have them draw a picture of what they will look like when they obey or are kind, or share, or whatever.

I believe God's Word teaches the point of discipline is to help us, "change direction", or understand a better way to do things the next time. For me, having the boys write sentences, not only focuses them on these things, but gives us the opportunity to have important conversations . . . and this is part of what passing on a heritage of faith is all about.

So, with "Show Love to Grandma Day" and writing sentences, we had an absolutely wonderful time on our sleepover the past couple days! 

Did I mention I love being grandma? Well, I most certainly do!

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