Friday, February 12, 2016

grandma's chuckles - "You Have to be Brave to be a Super Hero!"

When my sweet grandson, Josiah, was four years old he was really into Super Heroes! He LOVED the VeggieTales movie, The League of Incredible Vegetables and he LOVED his Super Cape! He would "fly" around my house singing, "♫♥♪ Super Josiah is here ♫♥♪ to save the day! ♫♥♪" Josiah told me he just pretended to be a Super Hero, but when he grew up he would be a Super Hero for real! Did I mention he had a "super" imagination?

This past weekend when the boys were here, I told Josiah about a time when he was four and was being, "Super Josiah", and it left him laughing . . . with enthusiasm! I'll share it with you today, too! One day he was being "Super Josiah" when he came over to me and said, "I'm Super Josiah and you can be Super Grandma!" I said, "Okay! My 'super power' will be Super Kisses and Hugs!" Josiah let out a HUGE sigh and said, "Okay, but you HAVE to have a super power for when you fight bad guys, too." I said, "I don't know if I can fight bad guys." to which he replied, "You have to be brave to be a Super Hero."  

At this point I had a very strong feeling of where this conversation was heading, but went ahead and asked him when I had to be brave. He said, "You have to be brave when you are afraid of something, but it is okay because I will be there with you and I will help you!" I was pretty sure what he was going to say next, but went ahead and asked him; "What do I have to be brave for?" Josiah said, "When you fight giant, robot spiders!!!"

You may not know this, but Josiah does . . . I'm tremendously afraid of spiders - I don't even like to see pictures of them! So of course I said, "Fight giant, robot spiders???? I do not think I can do that!!!!!" To which he said, "You can do it because I will be there with you and I will help you be brave!

Of course I did the only thing I could do . . . I sighed a HUGE sigh and said, "Okay. I'll be brave." What else was I to say? And yes, we went and fought giant, robot spiders! Josiah told me we were successful in our fight with these horrible creatures . . . and he said we were "brave"!!!!    

Such wonderful, sweet memories! He is seven now and does not often pretend to be, "Super Josiah", but I have these memories and treasure them for sure!

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