Tuesday, February 9, 2016

just for fun . . . Frozen Science Fun!

Fall in love with Science this Winter with these AMAZING experiments for kids. So many fun ideas I can't wait to try them all!: So far, winter where I live in West Michigan, has not been horribly cold and/or snowy. While I prefer to live where it gets cold for at least some time each year, I am not particularly a cold-weather-person. Why is this, you ask? I appreciate how cold kills and repels large creepy-crawlies and things like large snakes and gators! I endure the cold for a few months each year, because I know it has a purpose!

This current winter has been about as close to "perfect" - in my opinion - as it can be . . . cold enough to do what I want, but not too cold and snowy to make driving difficult. I'd like snow much more if it stayed in the yard and off the road!

Frozen Bubbles are a fun science experiment for kids! |Fireflies and Mud PiesAt any rate, this weekend is supposed to be the coldest so far - we are expecting single digits in temperatures! So, it seems like it will be the perfect weekend to engage my grandsons in some fun, cold weather science projects! I found a link with some really "cool" and cool/cold projects when I was browsing on Pinterest. (And even if you live somewhere warm, you can still do the project to "grow" ice!)

Frozen Bubbles ~ Winter science experiment.  Lots of tips and tricks for how to create frozen bubbles.Follow this link and you'll find links for 16 fun cold projects . . . I think we will try the Frozen Bubbles, the project to Make Ice Grow, and a second project for making lots of Frozen Bubbles! While we have all this cold, frozen "fun", we will talk about how thankful we are for the amazing world God created . . . one where bubbles freeze and they can "grow" ice!

Which projects might you try? Enjoy!

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