Monday, February 29, 2016

just for fun - Leap Day Fun & Remember & Celebrate Day!

Yes, today is Leap Day - the day which comes only once every four years. So, why not have some special fun today with your grandchildren? I looked on Pinterest and found some links which provide ideas for Leap Day fun . . . and today is the perfect day to share them with you!
  • 29 Activities to do on Leap Day - (check this link) - I especially like the ideas for playing leap-frog, writing a letter to yourself about what you think your life will be like in four years (open on Leap Day 2020), and researching what Leap Day is all about (the coloring book for this would be fun for younger grandchildren).
  • 18 Frog crafts - Leap Day . . . frogs leap/jump . . . I get the connection! Regardless of if it is a solid connection or not, making frogs sounds like fun and this link will give you 18 ways to do so! (I like the foot-print frog, milk jug frog, and rock frog!)
  • Leap photo - this is my favorite! (Check this link) I am definitely going to try this with my grandsons . . . although little Shane is only two and is just starting to try to master "jumping" . . . he may not be able to jump high enough to make this work, so this may have to wait a couple years for me . . . but, could be fun trying! Who knows what great photo we might get???!!!
At any rate, whether you celebrate today, or the next time you are with your grandchildren, Leap Day provides opportunities for some unique and fun "celebrating" . . . and I'm all for celebrating with my grandsons! A few days ago I wrote about celebrating milestones . . . Leap Day is not a "mile-stone", but celebrating is not just for milestones. Celebrating is an opportunity to build memories, so Leap Day is a fun time to do exactly this!

And, it could also be a fun time to look back on the past four years to remember what God has done for us. Remembering is an extremely important thing for us to do - what better time than Leap Day? We could make Leap Day our special time to specifically stop, and remember, then celebrate God's goodness to us!
This sounds like something I will absolutely do . . . look back and remember, celebrate, and look forward together to what God has in store for us. Yes! Leap Day=remember & celebrate Day! Sounds good to me!

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