Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Valentine's Day Plans!

A folded paper heartValentine's Day is just four days away, and while it is a time to share and show our love for our spouse, it is also a fun opportunity to do the same with our grandchildren. I'm planning some fun things for my grandchildren this year . . . and thought I'd share a few of the ideas with you today!
  • We are making homemade, mini pizzas on Saturday. The boys will be able to help make the pizza dough and then shape as they like. I'm going to show them how to make hearts . . . although I won't be surprised if they'd rather try to make cars or rockets or monsters . . . they are boys, after all! They will also be able to top their pizza as they like . . . and make pizzas for their parents, too! Lots of tasty fun is in store for us, for sure!
  • I'm going to sit down with my grandsons and have them pick a project which we can use to show love to others . . . and then they will be able to do a few chores at my house to earn money to help pay for the project. (Ducks from World Vision or Bunnies from WorldHelp) I want them to focus on showing love to others and Valentine's Day is a great day to do this.
  • (Parent Alert!!!! Dave and Jackie, if you are reading this, stop reading here!!!) I'm also going to have the boys make some, "I Love You Coupons" for their parents. They will be able to draw/write on slips of paper some things they will do to show love to their parents, and then give their coupons to their parents for a special Valentine's Day surprise!
  • I plan to pick up something small for each boy as their Valentine's Day gift from their Poppa and Me . . . under $5 - just something small for the fun of it . . . I am, after all, grandma!
So, these are the ideas I'm using for Valentine's Day 2016. I want to use Valentine's Day to remind the boys how very much they are loved and give them opportunities to show their love to their parents and others. Of course, the most important part of Valentine's Day will be sitting down and talking with my grandsons about how God showed His great love for them . . . and what they can do to live lives which show they love God!

(And, by the way, if you like the heart craft photo above, you'll find all the specifics for how to make some of your own at this link - could be a fun Valentine's Day craft you and your grandchildren could make, and then give to neighbors, Sunday school teachers, church secretary, etc.!)

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