Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Buddy Box from Group & a $5 Discount!

One of the most important things we can do as grandparents is to pass on a heritage of faith to our grandchildren. Some of us may be confident in doing this and others may wonder where to begin. Happily, there are some excellent resources available to help us do this - whether we are confident or unsure. Today I'm very happy to let you know about one such resource . . . and let you know how to save $5, too!

Subscription boxes have become quite popular - you can get them filled with most anything; in this case, the Buddy Box is similar to subscription boxes in how it is filled with items to get families thinking and talking about God, His love for them, and how they can know and love Him back. It is different in how it is not a subscription! You may choose the boxes you want, whenever you like without being locked into a subscription! Group Publishing/Lifetree sent me one box for free, so I could see what is inside and let you know all about it.

Buddy Box
Published by - Lifetree
Ages - 5-10

Favorite Features -
  • Each box has one over-arching theme - the box I received focused on God's surprising love.
  • Each box has a "buddy" which will help children connect the items in the box with God's Word . . . could be a bunny, snow leopard, bear, bat, camel, or rooster . . . or the spider which I received. I am totally NOT a fan of spiders, but the way Lifetree connected it to the theme of God's surprising love made sense . . . still, I would have preferred a different buddy!
  • Inside each box you'll find an excellent combination of "techy" components - such as apps and music downloads - and traditional components - such as a mini-magazine, cards and other fun surprises.
  • All the fun items in the box have a point - a reason for being there - to give families an opportunity to connect and engage in learning about God, His love, His Word and how it lives in their lives.
  • I loved the service project idea in the box I received for review and the science project!
Lifetree says; "Buddy Box is a care package for children's faith which gets them excited about growing their relationship with the best buddy of all—Jesus! It’s delivered right to your doorstep—bursting with faith-filled surprises which will help your children see how God’s love is relevant, real, and lots of fun! Designed for children age 5 to 10-years-old."

I love the idea of a subscription box for families to enjoy and learn from together and I think Lifetree/Group has done an excellent job with their Buddy Box! I do have to say, the silly string-type item in the box I received did not work, but my contact at Group said any time something in the box does not work, they will immediately send a replacement item - and she had not heard about any other issues with the silly sting-type item. I also would like to see Group find another source for the items in the box which are from China, as I have concerns about slave labor as well as concerns about quality . . . if any candy items are from China I would absolutely not give them to my grandchildren. I do have to say, in the box I received the cotton candy is from Arizona, so my grandsons will be happy to give it a try!

So, Buddy Box is, in my opinion, an excellent resource for grandparents to use at home with their grandchildren (and for parents to use with their children as well) to pass on a heritage of faith. The activities are designed to help connect children's lives with God's Word in creative, engaging and fun ways they will remember - as I would expect from Lifetree/Group!

And, I'm very happy to say, if you use this link and the code - LYNDA5, you will be able to save $5 on the Buddy Box of your choice! What a great way to give a Buddy Box a try! Check on out and spread the word to the families you know!

Tomorrow I'll share another fun box from Lifetree which is perfect for grandparents with older grandchildren in college!

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