Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Climbing Our "Family Tree"!

A few days ago I posted on the Legacy Coalition - Grandparenting Matters Facebook page about an enormous tree in my back yard. This Maple tree is enormous . . . well, not compared to Redwood trees, which are truly enormous, but compared to normal Michigan Maple trees, this one is huge!

At any rate, it is a tree which has been growing for a very long time - my brother climbed it when he was a boy (it was in my grandparent's yard at that time), my son climbed it (when we moved into this house) and now my grandsons are climbing it . . . with a little help from their Poppa! 

Feel free to check this link to find the full post about an enormous tree, why this tree is our "family tree", two sweet boys and how it all reminded me of Isaiah 49:16.

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