Monday, March 21, 2016

Decorate Those Eggs!

Baking Soda Easter Eggs - Try this fun way to decorate eggs using baking soda and vinegar.Create colorful EASTER EGGS using Melted Crayons. It's easy to do + KIDS will LOVE it. Read the tutorial now or Pin for Later!Last year my grandsons had great fun decorating their Easter eggs - we tried several ideas I found on Pinterest. Since it was so much fun - and the eggs turned out great, we are going to use some of the same ideas this year! So, since Resurrection Sunday is just a few days away, if you are looking for some fun ways to have your grandchildren decorate eggs this year, look at these great ideas I found on Pinterest . . . 

Melted Crayon Eggs . . . while this may sound complicated, it is actually really simple - and was one of the boys' favorites! The biggest thing to keep in mind with this, is to be sure to give your grandchildren somewhere to place their hot eggs so they do not have to hold them while they are decorating them. Egg cartons work well for this, they will just need you to rotate their egg so they can decorate all sides! You'll find the specifics for this decorating technique at the following link.

Baking Soda Eggs . . . this is the one my grandsons loved the most! I substituted food coloring for the tempera paint, so the eggs were edible. It was so much fun to watch my grandsons as they watched all the bubbling when they added the vinegar! You'll find the specifics at this link.

How have you colored/decorated eggs in the past? 


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