Tuesday, March 1, 2016

grandma's challenge - Bless Your Grandchildren

How did you do with last month's "grandma's challenge"? (Check the challenge at this linkGreeting those we love with a hug and an, "I love you!" is definitely something to continue!

So for this month I thought I'd challenge you to "bless" your grandchildren whenever they leave your home. The Bible has many blessings in it and giving a blessing to your grandchildren is a really powerful thing. You can choose your own blessing to give from a favorite Bible verse or use this one from Psalm 86 to try . . . 

"Dear God, thank You for Your love for _____ which is tender and kind! Please strengthen him/her and let him/her see how You make a show of how much You love him/her! Thank You, Amen!"

So, for the coming month, I'd like to challenge you to "bless" your grandchildren! What could be a better way for you to tell them "good-bye"? :-)

Have you tried this? If so, what do you do to bless your grandchildren?

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