Friday, March 4, 2016

Resurrection Sunday Celebration Ideas!

It won't be long before we celebrate Resurrection Sunday, so if you are looking for some ideas of ways to celebrate with your grandchildren in a way which keeps the focus on what Jesus did for us and off of imaginary bunnies . . . or even the tasty chocolate ones . . . check this link for more than 100 ideas to do exactly this which I found on Pinterest!

You'll find the ideas at this link, but here are just a few of the ideas I might try with my grandsons . . . 
  • Jelly bean prayer box - I like this idea because my grandsons like jelly beans and it is a tasty way for them to think about Resurrection Sunday - I may assign each color of jelly bean a specific thing to pray about - red = pray for someone you love, blue = thank God for something, green = pray about a way you need to grow closer to Jesus, yellow = praise God for something which makes you happy, etc.
  • Go on a family Easter walk - look for things which represent Resurrection Sunday.
  • Family Resurrection Sunday Service Jar - you think of projects your grandchildren can do and each time they serve someone else, they get to put a cotton ball (bunny tail) in a jar. When the jar is full you do something to celebrate! This takes the focus from getting to giving and serving - excellent focus for Resurrection Sunday! 
  • Resurrection Scavenger Hunt - send grandchildren on a hunt for items which retell the account of Jesus' resurrection.
These are just a few ideas I like. Which ones do you like?

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