Friday, March 4, 2016

Three "Fun" Days & a Way to Connect . . .

Today is, "Holy Experiment Day", "National Doodle Day", and "World Day of Prayer" . . . so, as I thought about these three "special" days, I though of a way to connect all three and celebrate them with my grandsons. Today I am happy to share my idea with you!

First, a little "background" on each of these "special" days. Holy Experiment Day is a day to try to stretch your faith. A day to ask God for something and then be focused to see how He answers. For example, you might ask God to help someone you know get well. You might pray for someone you know - or yourself, to grow in their walk with God. You might try praying every day or reading your Bible every day, or you might try volunteering at your church. The idea is to try something to stretch your faith and grow in your walk with God and then watch to see what happens. Now, it is important for us to understand how God answers prayer . . . sometimes He answers with a "yes" in a big way you can clearly see! Sometimes He wants us to wait, sometimes He answers in a way we did not anticipate, and sometimes He says, "no". God's Word tells us God always hears, listens, and answers our prayers, so we know this is the truth. 

National Doodle Day is actually a day where doodling and fundraising come together to benefit the fight against epilepsy, but I think it could be fun to just doodle for the fun of it, too!

And World Day of Prayer is a day which began as a day to bring together women of different denominations to pray for missionaries. Now the focus is to help us become more aware of other people and cultures around the world and to pray for them.

So, for my grandsons, who will be here tonight for our Friday sleep-over, I'm going to bring all three together by having them doodle their prayer requests for themselves and for missionaries - Wednesday night at our church's mid-week ministry, the boys had the opportunity to hear missionaries talk about what they are doing to serve refugees in Europe. We will talk about missionaries, what they do, and then pray for them. This will give the boys an opportunity to doodle and then watch for how God answers their prayers!

Pretty simple, but fun, too - and a way to help open the boys' eyes to prayer and missions . . . all great things!

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