Friday, March 25, 2016

Tomorrow is "Make Your Own Holiday Day!"

Tomorrow - March 26th, is, "Make Up Your Own Holiday Day", and since my grandsons will be at my house . . . and they have very fun imaginations, I thought it would be especially fun for us to make up our own holiday!

Josiah thought we should call our "holiday"; Lunch Day where everyone receives two lunches! Then he thought it should be "Get a Pet Day" - where everyone, of course, gets a pet! Caleb thought it should be "Whoppers Day" - and we would all get to eat Whoppers! 

I thought it should be, "Hug My Sweet Boys Day" and then Josiah thought we should make it, "International Hug Your Grandchildren Day" so all grandparents can be happy about hugging their grandchildren! I really love this idea! 

We are having fun on, "Make Your Own Holiday Day" . . . what will you name your, "holiday" on, "Make Up Your Own Holiday Day"?

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