Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cherish An Antique Day and Passing on a Heritage

When you think back on your grandparents, do you have memories of times spent with them? Are there aromas and tastes you recall? Are there things which once belonged to them and now are small bits of your heritage? Today is, "Cherish An Antique Day", which made me think about a couple "antiques" I have . . . or at least a couple family "treasures" which originally belonged to my grandmothers. These items may not really be "antiques" or "treasures", but I am thankful to have them.

April 1st I wrote about them on the Legacy Coalition Facebook page and how they "connect" with passing on a heritage. I said; "Passing on a heritage involves retelling the family history; telling about the time when you went fishing with your grandpa and then had a fish fry with the day's catch! It is talking about the times when you all went on a vacation together and the car with your grandparents and little brothers missed the exit and they got lost! (On Mother's Day, no less!) It is about sharing a recipe for the most delicious rolls your grandma used to make, and now you are the grandma, you make them for your grandchildren!

It may involve showing your grandchildren something their great-great grandparent used to have . . . in my case I have a bible which belonged to one of my grandmas and a cameo pin which belonged to the other. My one grandma was born more than a hundred years before my oldest grandson. For him to be able to hold in his hands something she held in her hands is powerful."

I went on to talk about how it is even more powerful, and significantly more important, to pass on a heritage of faith. You'll find the full post at this link . . . just scroll down a bit. Please read it and share it with the people you know.

Do you have any family "antiques" or "treasures" which you are able to share with your grandchildren?


  1. I do! And they are so special to. Also the family history is so important and so interesting. My mom just passed away this week and there are antique furniture items of hers that I grew up with that I want to pass on to my grandchildren.

    1. Terri - I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom.