Friday, April 29, 2016

One of My Favorite Flowers . . .

I love Spring for many reasons . . . it is warmer, the leaves bud on the trees, it looks like "Dr. Seuss Land" all around with pink, purple and yellow trees (the flowers bloom on trees in the Spring covering them with so many colors - I think Dr. Seuss must have wrote and illustrated his books in the Spring!!!) and because one of my favorite flowers can be seen nearly every place I look! What is this favorite flower, you ask??? I'll tell you . . . it is the Dandelion!

Yes, I know - my oldest grandson and my husband were sure to let me know they are actually weeds, not flowers, but I still love them! 

I wrote about this the other day on the Legacy Coalition's facebook page . . . you'll find my post at this link. Please take a minute to check it out . . . you may find yourself laughing, and certainly smiling!


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