Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tasters Welcome!

Yesterday I wrote on the Legacy Coalition Facebook page about the wall by the entry to my kitchen and how there is a sign which says; "Grandma's Kitchen - Tasters Welcome!" My grandsons believe this sign . . . especially when I'm baking homemade cookies!

I'm glad they believe it, because it is true - they are always welcome to, "taste" in my kitchen! It puts a smile on my face when they "taste" and especially when they enjoy what they tasted! As happy as this makes me, it makes me even happier when they "taste" and see how "good" God is! 

I then wrote about God's "sign" which invites us to "taste" of His goodness . . . please check this link for the full post . . . and I'd sincerely appreciate it if you shared it with the people you know!

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