Monday, April 25, 2016

The Checkered Tulip and The Rest of the Story . . .

Do you have any flowers growing in your yard which give you a sense of happiness to see them in bloom? I live just 30 minutes from Holland, MI - home of the Tulip festival, and as you might imagine, tulips are a big deal in this area. Pretty much everyone around here has tulips which bloom in their flower gardens - even people like me who have the "black thumb of death" when it comes to growing plants!

Yes, even I have tulips growing in my little flower garden . . . and I'm being extremely "generous" to call this area of my yard a "garden"! Red tulips primarily, but sometimes yellow or white, too. I love all the tulips, but there is one special tulip we have which does not bloom every year. When it does we only get one or two blooms. This special tulip is the Checkered Tulip. It has a lovely red and white checkered pattern which covers the blooms and the blooms hang down - like a bell. I love the Checkered Tulip.

This past Friday my husband and I noticed we had one Checkered Tulip blooming - we were very happy!

Then, Saturday, while I was finishing up preparations for my mother's birthday dinner, I turned and saw sweet Caleb - his blue eyes twinkled and he had a smile from ear-to-ear, and . . . well, check this link for the "rest of the story" . . . although you might be correctly guessing what happened next!


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