Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Saturday was a warm day here in West Michigan - we almost made it to 80 degrees! So, what do my grandsons want to do when it is a warm, sunny day and they are at grandma's house? 

Play in the water! And, not just play in the water, but use the new squirt guns their daddy got them to make sure grandma "played" in the water, too!

Yes, this past Saturday was the day when "Water Wars" began at my house! The boys and their dad ran around the yard shooting at each other . . . and at grandma, even though I did not have a water gun to shoot back at those sweet rascals! This, of course, made me a great "target"! Even sweet Caleb, who shoots at trees and plants because they do not shoot back - we have a rule if you shoot water at someone, they are able to shoot you back! - shot at me! (I did not shoot back!)

The boys had big smiles on their faces and when it was time to come in and get ready to go home, they were disappointed . . . they wanted the water-wars-fun to continue.

The weather people are saying it looks like we will have a warmer than normal Summer . . . I know three boys who will not be disappointed if we do . . . and a grandma who will end up as the "target" again!

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