Saturday, May 14, 2016

Blue Eggs & Legs & A Focus Upon Being Thankful!

This past week my husband and I traveled to the Minneapolis, MN area for the first-ever Grandparenting Conference. (It went very well! If you were not able to make it, please plan to join us for our first-ever national summit in November at Chuck Swindoll's church in Texas - see all the details at this link.) 

At any rate, on the way home we stopped in Northern Wisconsin to visit my sister and her family. She has a number of chickens, so when we left, she gave me some blue eggs from her Araucanas chickens (they lay blue eggs and have blue legs!!!). We had the eggs for breakfast this morning - the boys were quite delighted to see the blue eggs and the pictures of the chickens with the blue legs! (The eggs are a lovely light blue - they look more white in the photos.)

One thing I'm focusing on this Summer with my grandsons is to help them develop hearts filled with thankfulness - so this afternoon we are drawing pictures of chickens with blue legs and eggs to send to their Grand Aunt.

What do you plan to focus on with your grandchildren this summer? If you want to pass on your faith, you need to be intentional. Pick something to focus upon and pass your faith on in a very intentional way over the summer!

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