Monday, May 2, 2016

Don't Miss What Matters Most

It is very easy with the hustle-bustle of our lives for us to become so caught up in all the things we are doing we end up losing sight of those things which matter the most. While many of the things we do each day are fine things for us to do - even important things which do matter, we need to be focused upon those things which are most important. 

So, what is most important? Well, if we have grandchildren, then clearly we can know for sure God wants us to pass on our faith to them. This is important. Truly important. Most important. While we have other things in our lives which are important, if our grandchildren grow up to not love, follow and walk with God, nothing else we do will matter. Passing on our faith is what matters.

So, we want to be sure our grandchildren understand how God offers them life through Jesus' death and resurrection. No longer do they have to live trying to pay for their sins by keeping a list of rules none of us can keep. No longer do they have to try to find ways to earn their salvation. God offers it as a gift! His grace changes everything!

This is the essence of the message we as grandparents want to pass on to our grandchildren. If we accomplish much in our lives, but do not let them know about God's grace which is available, because of Jesus' death and resurrection, we will have missed the most important thing of all.
This week as you think about, and thank God for Jesus' resurrection and the life it brings us, make time to talk with your grandchildren - no matter their age - about how God's grace brought you real life! And, take time to pray for them. It is something Jesus did while He was on the earth, and one of the most important things He did before He went to the cross. (You can read His prayer in John 17.) My grandson told me he wants to pray like I do (I always pray my grandsons will grow to love God more and more, so he prayed and asked God to help him love Him more and more!), so I want to pray like Jesus did! I want to pray about the things Jesus prayed about . . .

"Dear God, please help me finish the work You have sent me to do - please remind me my work for You is not finished because my children are grown. Please help me glorify You with the life You gave me. As I go through this day, please protect me from the evil one and help me be a person who experiences and contributes to the unity of believers. I pray also for my grandchildren. Please help them discover the purpose and work You have for them to do and let them do this work in a way which brings glory to You. Please protect them from the evil one, so they are not deceived or side-tracked, but will instead serve You with a heart which wants to build unity with other believers. Thank You for Your great love for us; I love You, too, Amen!"

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