Sunday, May 22, 2016

Reading + Imagination = Writing!

My grandsons love books. They love a good story. They love making up their own stories because they each have quite the imagination. Over the years we have read many books. Over the years we have made up our own stories. Now Josiah (seven years old) is writing and illustrating his own comic books!

Yesterday he sat down and was working at the table . . . after a few minutes he came to me and asked me to check his spelling - he wrote; "The Amazing Microscopic Hero!" . . . he spelled it all correctly! He went back to working on his comic book and when it was completed he sold it to me for $1! He said he would give it to me for free, but I was happy to pay him the $1 he put on the cover.

I love his imagination. I'm so happy he loves to read. I'm thrilled he loves to write his own stories!

It is so much fun to watch as he and his brothers grow up!

What do your grandchildren like to do?

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