Sunday, June 5, 2016

crafting with grandma - Nature Art T-Shirts!

This awesome outdoor process art activity for kids comes with an optional science extension.: Each Summer, for the previous three years, I plan some extra time to have my grandsons at my house. We have our "Days of Fun" and do science projects, enjoy water wars with squirt guns, swim, visit fire departments, play games, to mention a few and just basically enjoy being together! One thing we have done each year is make t-shirts. We made tie-dye shirts two years and we tried a project where the boys used spray paint to freestyle design shirts. The end result each year - other than grandma's hands being very colorful for a few days - has been colorful t-shirts for the boys.

This morning as I browsed on Pinterest I saw an idea which could be adjusted a bit and "tweaked" to apply to t-shirts . . . and give us a fun idea for the boy's shirts this Summer! The idea I saw involves children collecting bits of nature, which they arranged on paper and then sprayed with water colored by food coloring. It looks like a fun project! (You'll find it at this link.)

I think by changing to a more permanent ink/dye and using white t-shirts in place of paper, my grandsons could collect bits of nature and have great fun making unique t-shirts! When we give this a try, I'll take pictures and let you know how they turn out.

What do you think? Is this something you might try with your grandchildren?

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